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DrexciyaSmokey's Illegitimate Report
Tlim ShugUntitled
Cindy2y & 6m
CutheadBig Time
Crazy P, UnabombersStop Space Return (Unabombers Dub Mix)
Crazy PCaught Up (Original Mix)
Tlim ShugUntitled
Crazy PMake Me Wanna (Original Mix)
Gary GritnessA1 - Fake
ReptantPhasic Reflex
CindyNever Let Me Go
Celebrity BBQ Sauce BandCelebrity BBQ Sauce [clean]
TelephonesSensei (5378 Exchange Mix)
Psychic MirrorsIsland Girl
Psychic MirrorsShock Treatment
Samo DJFlyer Edit
Joel AlterGot It
Bell TowersAll Aboard
MoodymannLong Hot Sexy Nights | KDJ-4
Various ArtistsDaniel Jacques - I Just Wanna be Free
Toro y MoiOrdinary Guy (feat. The Mattson 2)
Kashmere Stage BandThank You
Joel AlterEverlasting
Sano x SiwoMatapa
Joel Alter22 Hours
Floating PointsNuits Sonores
BreakaSteeze Flex
Joel BrittainTrain to Woolford
SJ Tequilla + AatyB1. Where is Disco Madonna 2/ Aaty
Sano x SiwoI Can
CCFSmashed 606 Disco
Various ArtistsJasper Wolff - Kari
Stephen BrownSpaces
BicepClosing Sequence
Credit 00, Egyptian LoverSuper Scratch
KuldaboliHimnarnir opnast
Sam & Jack BrickelResurgence
Forest Drive WestHidden Past
Indigo ÆraIndigo Æra - Flux
Esox LuciusEsox Lucius - Torpedo
Sam Brickel & DashiellRun Out Groove
PugilistQuick Fix
Zenker BrothersOutside

A tracklist for this 2002 vinyl mix is forthcoming.

You can find the Gil Scott-Heron clip here.

The poem The Movement by Corban Swain can be found here.

MoodymannJust Stay A While
Bell TowersBell Towers "Want You (Need You)" (Tornado Wallace Remix)
DJ CITYEating Myself
Flavia Lazzarini feat. CRY.INGLost In My Mind (Original)
Melatonin ManSpelzer
VENDERSTROOIKEscargothic (SM dub)
MechatronicaGamma Intel - Casual Power
MoodymannGoodbye Everybody
MoodymannTaken Away
Pirahnahead & Diviniti♥ (Love) | M.M-16
Sistema Di PredeJaxi
Daniel T.Heat-Wave
Various Artists100Hz - LFO (Subsonic Mix)
Aphex Twintrack 19 [side 5, track 2, omitted from CD's]
Corban SwainWhy We Are Burning
Aleksi PeräläFI3AC2030050
Aleksi PeräläFI3AC2033060
LTSputnik (B.S.S)
BoxworkLike Her Right There
BoxworkFloor 4
Aleksi PeräläFI3AC2031040
DeFeKTFlow To It (Transparent Sound Remix)
Various ArtistsCabaret Voltaire - Easy Life (Jive Turkey Mix)
MoMa ReadyThe Fade
MoMa ReadyShade
Lake PeopleRoaming The Streets
RatkillerNormal for Romans