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This show is a Bob Roffi Tribute.

Olówaŋ Wétu IntroductionFrank Waln
Healing Song In Dakota & EnglishGerald Primeaux, Sr.
Power of the SacredDoug Good Feather
Many TrailsBill Miller
Way of LifeLakota Thunder
Archetypes Made ManifestAndrew Thomas Jacobs
The Story of HomeFrank Waln
HomeFrank Waln
While You're On Your WayKaren Dalton
Cotton Eyed JoeKaren Dalton
Spotted Eagle SongNicholas Breeze Wood
Mandan Heartbreak SongKeith Bear
Children's SongSissy Goodhouse
Take Me to the River, Rainbows Every DayLaura Ortman
Breaths for Apache ViolinLaura Ortman
DesolatePaper Rocket
A Lighter NotePaper Rocket
Eerie LullabyPaper Rocket
Father's SpeechPaper Rocket
A Kid Once ...Paper Rocket
Finding StrengthPaper Rocket
Jordan's Pretty SongPaper Rocket
Mirror ImagePaper Rocket
Journey Of The DragonsGalaxy 2 Galaxy

This show is a Captain Al Tribute.

Stevie WonderPlease Don't Go
Stevie WonderJoy (Takes Over Me)
Marvin GayeAnger
Marvin GayeTime To Get It Together
Curtis MayfieldFuture Shock
The Isley BrothersThat Lady (Part 1 & 2)
Rose RoyceDaddy Rich
Dionne WarwickYou're Gonna Need Me
Aretha FranklinUntil You Come Back To Me [That's What I'm Gonna Do]
SupremesA Change Is Gonna Come
Ray CharlesDon't Let The Sun Catch You Crying (Remastered Version)
Bill WithersMake a Smile for Me
Wilson PickettI've Come a Long Way
Stevie WonderI Don't Know Why
Teddy PendergrassI Don't Love You Anymore
Curtis MayfieldThink (Instrumental)
BullionStrike A Light
Erik TravisDance Work
Raw TakesGate313
NWLike That
Gene Richards JrNot Another Werk Track
Di'jitalDown Re-Edit
SangoTrem Bala Da Congo
Far Out Radio SystemsTheme For The Lockdown
Lou TidesEvans A Gift
Plastic IvyToo Deep for Tears
Polar HexagonDurandurun
Erik TravisElectro Bang'n
She's DrunkHeart Burns
Compassion CrewStruggle Wood (OhMy Mix)
SofieIn The Park
Far Out Radio SystemsDo We Have A Cosmic Connection
KomatssuFucking Aura
Far Out Radio SystemsOn Boolean Plains
BufoBufoMetal's Winning
Far Out Radio SystemsSubsurface Flows
Erik TravisPass It On
Erik TravisLegends
space•labBreaka ft. Adam Pits - The Show Must Go On
CaribouSunny's Time (Logic1000 Remix)
VC-118A / MohlaoPlonk
Patrick CowleyI Feel Love
LetheretteBreak My Heart
Garçon TaupeA flat top
Patrick CowleyPapa Wuzza Rollinston (Vocal)
Ben PestNow Animate
HadamardCity To City
Zenker BrothersIntense Incense
Zenker BrothersNatural Connection
Steffi x VirginiaEvery Second I Breathe
P.A. PresentsFlight Stimulator
MoodymannWe Wanna Party [radio edit]
Vested SoulGive Me A Chance
Vested SoulGive Me A Chance Reprise
Root TrailsHeat Frame
BullionMuy Quimeda
Jacques GreeneFeel What
ManixSpecial Request (DJ Guy Version)
HadamardCity To City
BreakaThe Startup
Ben PestMouth Lawson
BreakaThe Ambush
DJ OverdoseWarrior's Chant
MoodymannThought About It
Danny AliasCivil Defense (Ron Hardy Re-edit)
SurgeonEuropa Code
Marquis HawkesMarvin
Marquis HawkesRoger Funk
TX ConnectIntramountains
Marquis HawkesHouse Is My Castle
Denis SultaLA Ruffgarden
Marquis HawkesHoney Kisses
VernonHow To Build A Pyramid
Denis SultaTime 4 Prayer
Denis SultaDuh Yuh Luv Meh
VernonOne Night In Tanzania
Denis SultaSaturday Night