pumping station (about the show)

sewersounds is a live mix show presented on wmbr.org 88.1FM from 8-9PM on alternating Wednesdays.
Sewersounds collection and treatment system is qualified not by genre, but by viscosity, density, pH, and thermal stratification.
The sewersounds logo was created by Jason Arnone


Sewersounds seeks to present a genre free (but not freeform) “moodmat” (not format) of music. More precisely, the music presented will not be qualified by commercial genre labels, but by the more qualitative characteristics that can be used to describe it: dirty or lo-fi, dense or sparse, liquid or solid. 
I focus on procuring music from independent labels and emerging media distribution channels. At times, the “moodmat” concept will be enhanced with atmospheric content recorded from film, television, documentaries, field recordings and the like.